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September 5: New HobbyMaster, NG Models and GeminiJets shipment arrived in store

September 1: New Herpa models just arrived; NG Models for September can be pre-ordered now!

August 23 and 26: New Phoenix models for September can be pre-ordered; Hobbymaster January 2022 available for pre-order


Stay up to date about our newest arrivals & pre-orders!  

September 5, 2021

Many shipments landed in store:

- Hobbymaster e.g. Su-57, the Thunderbird F-16 and many more

- NG Models e.g. "Freedom One", the Southwest 737 and many more

- GeminiJets with Astrojet Models from American, a special America West 757 livery and many more models in 1:200 and 1:400 scale

September 1, 2021

The September-Releases from NG Models in scale 1:400 are now available for pre-order! This time with many retro models, like the

  • United B747SP in the legendary "Saul Bass" livery
  • American Airlines B737-800 and B757-200 "AstroJet"
  • B757-200 in the 90s liveries from Transavia and Icelandair
  • An additional A330-700 BelugaXL in 1:400 scale

...and many more!

August 31, 2021

The newest models from Herpa have arrived, amongst other

  • B747-400 Iron Maiden as SnapFit 1:250
  • Lockheed C-130H CAL Fire in 1:200 scale
  • Yak-40 Aeroflot in 1:200
  • Many great 1:500 models, including Swissair CV990 Coronado HB-ICH

August 26, 2021

Hobbymaster new releases for January 2022 have been announced and can be pre-ordered. 

August 23, 2021

The new Phoenix Releases for September 2021 can be pre-ordered. 

August 13, 2021

The new GeminiJets Models can be preordered - with many highlights.   

Also available for pre-order: the new Herpa models of the Nov/Dec catalogue - many exciting relases, including the A330-300 HB-JHF "Bern" in 1:200 or two Il-62 models in 1:200 and many many more!

August 12, 2021

New NG Models from June and July production just arrived, among them

  • Tu-204 Cubana und Air Koryo
  • Various L-1011
  • Comac 919 1:400
  • one more of the venerable Nike Gulfstream series, a 2017 livery plane
  • Various Jumbo SP 
    and many more   

At the same time, new NG models for August have been announced, amongst others

  • Hawaiian Air B787-9
  • Two Air Canada 787-9s, including Olympic Games special livery
  • Two Turkish A330-200, including Olympic Games special livery
  • Two Lufthansa A350-900s

20 July 2021

The new Phoenix Models will soon arrive and are ready for pre-order. Among them the famous ANA A380 turtle liveries (blue and green) .   

July 17, 2021

The list of Hobbymaster announcements for Sept-Dec '21 has been updated by a further 13 models. As actual delivery dates can vary considerably, we list the Hobbymaster announcements in a larger timeframe. 

Also, newly announced NG Models highlighted by special livery 737 from Southwest and Alaska Airlines as well as various 747SP's. 

July 7, 2021

The freshly announced models from GeminiJets are now available for pre-order, amongst others the following

  • Another B757 from America West in the special livery "Teamwork Coast to Coast" in 1:200
  • A320neo Lufthansa with registration D-AIJA in 1:400
  • A321neo Titan Airways G-XATW operating for the UK Royal Air Force in 1:400
  • B737-800 American Airlines in the famous Astrojet livery

...and many more!

1 July 2021

The newest models from GeminiJets have arrived, with the following higlights

  • B777-300ER Qatar Airways A7-BEB wearing the FIFA 2022 World Cup special livery in scale 1:200
  • Antonov 124  Antonov Airlines in the newer livery, scale 1:400
  • B757-200  America West Airlines in the legendary "Ohio"-livery in 1:200
  • B777F FedEx in the interactive "Doors Open" version in 1:200

From Aviationtag we have received the new tags of the former Olympic Air B747-200 SX-OAD in blue and in white 

Finally, we have received some exciting new 1:200 special livery models!

June 19, 2021

The newest releases from NG Models are now available for pre-order, including the new Tupolev Tu-204 mould with Cubana and Air Koryo liveries and including another Gulfstream G550 NIKE model. 

June 16, 2021

Phoenix models 2021 July delivery; open for pre-order. 

June 12, 2021

Herpa Sept/Oct '21 models announced for pre-order, among them various Swiss models. 

The newest models from NG Models arrived last night with following highlights:

  • B787-10 ANA All Nippon Airways JA901A
  • B787-9 Etihad A6-BLV in the Formula 1 2020 livery - regularly spotted at ZRH
  • Two well-known Gulfstream G550s owned by NIKE Corporation

and many additional and as usual very detailed models in scale 1:200 and 1:400!

New Phoenix models arrived, among them featured: 

  • A350-1000 Qatar Airways A7-ANR
  • The 747-200 Qantas in polished livery, a former star of the legendary Kangaroo Route
  • B747-400F Dragonair Cargo B-KAF
  • B777-300ER Thai Airways HS-TTA and HS-TTB, frequently seen in Zurich
  • Various Green-Livery A380 (Singapore Airlines, Air China)

... and many more  

June 6, 2021

HobbyMaster announced arrivals for Sept-Dec 2021, among them: 

  • F-5E, Swiss Air Force, J-3003 (Tiger Look) und J-3074
  • Tornado IDS
  • F-104 Edwards Test aircraft
  • Various F-14, F-16, F-18 and F-35
  • Mig-29SMT
  • and many more

June 2, 2021

The freshly announced models from GeminiJets can now be pre-ordered. Some of the highlights include:

  • B777-300ER Qatar Airways A7-BEB wearing the FIFA 2022 World Cup special livery in scale 1:200
  • Antonov 124  Antonov Airlines in the newer livery, scale 1:400
  • B757-200  America West Airlines in the legendary "Ohio"-livery in 1:200
  • B777F FedEx in the interactive "Doors Open" version in 1:200

May 29, 2021

The legendary Swiss 777-300ER "Faces", HB-JNA can be pre-ordered as a 1:400 AV400 model. Also available is HB-JNB.

Furthermore, the newest shipment from GeminiJets has arrived, with the following notable models:

  • China Airlines Cargo 777F
  • Eastern 757-200 in polished Livery
  • Fedex MD-11
  • Royal Jordanian 787 Dreamliner
  • 1:200 Aerologic 777F Interactive (cargo-door)
  • 1:200 Delta A350-900... and many more

May 5, 2021

New models from NG Models and from Phoenix just landed.

2 May 2021

New Herpa arrivals, e.g. 

  • A220-100 Swiss HB-JBH "Ascona
  • Lufthansa D-AILU "Lu"
  • German and French airforce Alpha Jets as well as from the flying bulls (Red Bull)
  • 747-8 Cargolux "not without my mask" in various sizes
  • Frontier Airlines A320neo 
  • various A330-900neo... and many more

17 April 2021

New models from Inflight200 have arrived in store! Amongst them the first models in the new 767 mould, Air New Zealand, Qantas and TWA. Furthermore, the exciting and very special 747 engine test bed aircraft from Rolls Royce and General Electric are now also available in 1:200 scale. 

The models from the July/August catalogue from Herpa  are now available for pre-order. 

14 April 2021

New arrivals from Phoenix in the shop and in Oberglatt: Among them

  • British 747-400 G-CIVE, which we also have as an Aviationtag ("the real thing") 
  • various Cathay and Cathay Dragon A321neo
  • Freighters from Kalitta Air (727) and Air Bridge Cargo (777 LRF)
  • Saudi 787-9 with G-20 Livery
  • Eva Air 777-300ER and many more...

NG Models for June 2021 delivery can be pre-ordered until April 19, 2021 - a very interesting series!

7 April 2021

The newest releases from NG Models have arrived - with an ever-growing range of moulds! This time amongst the new models:

  • Boeing 747SP PanAm
  • Boeing 737-800 Alaska Airlines "The Spirit of Seattle"
  • Lockheed TriStar L-1011-500 Air Lanka und L-1011-100 Gulf Air
  • A330 MRTT Armée de l'Air
  • ARJ21-700 OTT Airways in scale 1:200 (new mould)
  • Several additional B737 models

6 April 2021

From the Ukraine to Switzerland. The new Fuselage Creations Tags from the Yak-40, IL-76, AN-12 or Tu-154, genuine Aviation Skin Tags have arrived. These tags complement the more than 35 different Aviationtags

In addition, the latest HobbyMaster shipment with 1:72 scale models has landed - from the A-10 to the Space Shuttle. 

25 March 2021

Another new selection of models from Phoenix is now available for pre-ordering (unlimited until 31 March, afterwards according to availability). The highlights among them:

  • B747-200 Qantas VH-EBA (polished)
  • B747-400F Kalitta N744CK (Mask-Livery)
  • B737-800 Royal Thai Air Force HS-HMK and HS-TYS --> seen many times at Zurich Airport
  • A320neo IndiGo VT-IVB and VT-IZR

20. March 2021

The newest releases from GeminiJets are now available for pre-order (unlimited until 31 March, after 31 March availability as shown in WebShop).

Following some highlights:

  • B737-700 Southwest "Classic Gold" in 1:400
  • A330-700 Beluga XL in 1:200 with opening front door
  • B747-400 Air Bridge Cargo in 1:200 with opening doors
  • A321neo von SAS in 1:400
  • CRJ-900 Delta in 1:400 und CRJ-200 United in both scales

18 March 2021

New models from Inflight 200 have arrived in store, amongst them the following:

  • A320 South African Airways in retro livery
  • B747-300 Thai Airways HS-TGD
  • A321neo MEA in retro livery
  • DC-10-30 Air Zaire

From JFOX we have received some nice 1:200 models:

  • A321 SWISS HB-IOK in Swissair / Swiss transition livery
  • A321neo SWISS HB-JPA
  • A350-900 Singapore Airlines
  • B747-400 Lufthansa
  • B737-800 von Ryanair und Jet2
  • A320 Condor Berlin

From Aviation400 several new A330 MRTT models are now availalbe (Royal Air Force, Korean Air Force, Netherlands Air Force & Singapore Air Force)

17 March 2021

Ausserdem sind diverse neue Modelle sowie viel Flughafen-Zubehör von Herpa in den Massstäben 1:72, 1:200 und 1:500 eingetroffen.The newest releases from HobbyMaster are available for pre-ordering:
  • the first F/A-18E Super Hornet for the Blue Angels, #1
  • various BF 109-E3
  • Mig-29 Iraqi and Slovak Air Force
  • various F-16
  • and the venerable Su-34 Red 22 and Red 24 

13 March 2021

The  newest models from GeminiJets Modelle have arrived, amonst others:

  • IL-62M of Interflug
  • Southwest 737-700 "Florida One"
  • B757-300 and A220-300 of Delta Air Lines
  • A330-200MRTT Forces Aériennes Francaises

In addition, new models from JC Wings are now availble, with the following highlights:

  • SWISS A320neo HB-JDB "Riederalp" im Massstab 1:200
  • Ryanair Sun B737-800 SP-RSL in 1:400
  • Korean Air B747-8F interactive Series

We have added tons of items to  our offering of airport ground equipment with new releases from FantasyWings and Herpa in scales 1:400 and 1:200

March 6, 2021

The newest models from Herpa arrived, among them::

  • A380 Emirates "Year of Tolerance"
  • A330-700L Beluga XL
  • DC-3 PanAm
  • Lockheed L-1049G Qantas 
  • Various B787, e.g. Etihad, United, Air France
  • Tu-154M Siberian
  • Eurofighter Luftwaffe 30+25 "Richthofen 60 Years"
  • And many more...

February 28 2021

The newest Hobbymaster Models arrived, among them:

  • F/A-18C Swiss Air Force  J-5011 Tiger Meet Release 2020
  • Su-35S "Russian Knights"
  • Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105, 1998 in 1:200 
  • Grumman EA-6B US Navy "Patriots"
  • F-35A Japan Air Self Defence Forces
  • And many more

Februar 22, 2021

The newest models from GeminiJets have now arrived, amongst others:

  • Cargolux 747-8 "not without my mask" in 1:400
  • US Air Force C-5M Super Galaxy in 1:400
  • US Marines, Blue Angels C-130J in 1:400
  • British Airways Concorde in 1:200
  • Western Global Airlines MD-11F in 1:200
  • and many more..

Now also available are some new models from JC Wings, including two "Switzerland" models: 

  • Swiss A320neo HB-JDB in scale 1:400
  • Air Berlin (Belair) B757-200 HB-IHR in scale 1:200

All newly announced models from Phoenix in scale 1:400 are now available for pre-order. Amongst the 18 freshly announced models are the following highlights:

  • Qatar B777-300ER Fifa World Cup 2022
  • Singapore und China Southern A380 in green livery
  • ANA B747-400ER
  • Kalitta / DHL B767-300ERF

8. Februar 2021

Hobby Master May 2021 releases; preorder until March 1, 2021.

New GeminiJets releases can be preordered until February 21, 2021.

7. Februar 2021

Newly arrived Phoenix Models , among them

  • A320 Thai Smile
  • A320neo Batik Air
  • A380 from Thai and Qantas
  • ... back with the stunning Malaysian A330-300 with Tiger motive
  • and the British Asia 747-400
Newly arrived NG Models, among them
  • ARJ21 from OTT
  • several 787-9 from Ethiopian and Saudi International Airlines (G20)
  • the Qatar A350-900 which is a frequent guest in ZRH
  • some 757, including the converted freighter from Raya
  • ... and many more

28. Januar 2021  

Herpa May / June 2021 models can be preordered, among them

  • Swissair DC-4 HB-ILU "Unterwalden" in 1:200
  • Swissair CV-990 Coronado HB-ICC St. Gallen in 1:500
  • Swissair Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer HB-HOQ in 1:72
  • or different "Iron Maiden" Specials 

25. Januar 2021

The newest releases from Herpa have arrived. Below a selection of some highlights:

  • Tu154 Siberia RA-85619 in 1:200
  • C-160 Transall Luftwaffe "400'000 Flugstunden" in 1:200
  • Boeing 777-300ER Air New Zealand, new livery, in 1:500
  • DC-10-30 PanAm in 1:500
  • B-52H US Air Force 60-0011 in 1:200

From Aeroclassics (sort "Newest" in adjacent link) we have received some more exotic models in 1:400 scale, with the following highlights:

  • Boeing 727-200 Iran Aseman Air
  • A330-200 Iran Air
  • A321 MEA Retrojet
  • B767-200 Aeromexico

January 14, 2021

The newest models from Hobby Master for April / May '21 release can be preordered until 5 February 2021. The highlights include two Swiss models!

  • F/A-18C Swiss Air Force (with decals for registrations J-5001 bis J-5026)
  • F/A-18C Swiss Air Force J-5018 "Panthers", 2009
  • Mig-29 Strizhi Aerobatic Russian Aerospace Foce, 2019 (with decals for several registrations)
  • Su-35 Flanker E, Russian Air Force
  • F-16C Fighting Falcon "75th Anniversary Scheme of 457th FS", Nov 2020

3 January 2021

The newest models from HobbyMaster have arrived, with the following highlights:

  • F-16AM Belgian Air Force "D-Day", 2 Versionen
  • F-15J JASDF "2003 TAC Meet White Dragon"
  • F/A-18A US Navy VFC-12 "Fighting Omars"
  • Su-34 Secon Prototype "Blue 43"


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